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Car booked for ordering at least 24 hours in advance. The minimum rental period of 24 hours. (1 day). The maximum period is unlimited. In exceptional cases, an individual agreement is possible. Can pay for services by transferring money into your account or in cash.

The rental car's fuel tank is about 5 liters fuel demand from its customers, reverting to the level of fuel in line with the former putting. It takes off the self and the need for customers to check details of the remaining fuel level, returning the car. If you still want to rent a car in full tank, place the checkmark reservation form.

Rented cars always have a valid third party liability, CASCO insurance and current MOT pass.

Company cars can travel to any European country.

Requirements for driver

The rented car can drive a person with international standards compliant and valid driver's license and at least two years of driving experience. Economy class cars can drive at least 21 years of age, and compact, and more, not less than 23 years of age. The person must present a valid passport. Younger than 25 years, drivers leaving the security of 400 LTL.


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